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Water Jetting

JetRoddingWith jet flushing, debris from sanitary lines is collected and flushed back to the manhole for retrieval by vacuum loading or screening. A typical flushing operation involves jetting a nozzle through the entire length of the line and flushing material back to the manhole in one pass. This works great for lines filled with light debris. Heavier, more substantial debris may require additional passes or step-cleaning where the operator uses the sewer nozzle to flush a portion of a line, then goes in further for another portion, and repeats this process until the entire line is cleaned.

Similar to jet flushing, jet rodding uses a sewer nozzle to scour the sewer line to remove built-up debris and grease. Rotating heads or special spray pattern nozzles can be used to ensure the entire surface of the line is cleaned. This operation usually takes longer than just flushing the line. Proper nozzle selection is crucial for effective jet rodding.