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Sewer Main Obstruction Removal

Root RemovalMature trees are beautiful to look at, but their roots can be catastrophic to sewer pipes. These pipes contain warm nutrient rich water, so roots will naturally grow towards and eventually inside of the pipes and cause partial or complete blockages. These blockages caused by roots are common and must be fixed before the pipe collapses completely. Total failure is much more expensive than preventative maintenance. If trees or bushes are present near a sanitary line they should be removed as soon as possible, and if partial blockages are already occurring it is important to take immediate action to handle the problem before total failure occurs.

Deposits are another major problem sewer pipes face. Over time sediments and other material in water will build up in the pipe and eventually create a complete blockage. Empire Pipe is equipped to remove any tree roots and deposits that may eventually lead to a complete blockage that can damage property and pose a health risk.