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Trenchless Spot Repair

To existing pipe stopping any future infiltration, root blockage or sink holes caused by broken pipe or abandoned services.

  • Field tested for over 10 years
  • Has a durable 50 year repair life
  • Several patches can be stacked to lengthen repair
  • Able to repair up to 48″ diameter pipe 48” segments
  • Minimal road closures or traffic impeedement
  • Short repair times – several can be done in one day
  • FIow-thru packers prevent backups during repairs

Empire pipe services utilizes a [CIPP] Cured-in-place-pipe process. This eliminates the need for costly digging by creating a pipe within a pipe with minimal change to the original diameter. Through this process, not only does nun trenchless technology cure the infiltration. but improves the performance of the storm on sanitary sewer system.

The EPS pipe patch exceeds the CIPP specification and F1216 and restores structural integrity to damaged pipes. This specification requires materials to be tested for a 50-year minimum service life, verifying that pipepatch is long-lasting and effective in ending infiltration because the EPS pipe patch bonds to existing pipe and creates a pipe within a pipe, the fully cured resin and fiberglass serve as a structural barrier between the interior of the pipe and the exterior environmental conditions. The EPS pipe patch trenchless technology has been tested and proven to withstand pressure, extreme conditions and time to ensure that the pipe is rehabilitated and preforming exceptionally for years to come.