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sewer-cleaningHigh pressure water jets along with vacuum are the appropriate combination for quickly cleaning sewers and pipelines. With water jetting plus our advanced video inspection we can inspect lines for structural integrity, possible leaks, and any infiltration.

Implementing a regular maintenance program is simple. Empire Pipe’s water jetter can effectively break up blockages and obstructions in sanitary lines, flush out any debris and scour sewer lines clean. We use a Vactor Jet Rodder water pump. An exclusive single-piston, hydraulically driven, dual-acting pump delivers a jackhammer action water flow, breaking through line blockages and removing the toughest caked-on debris from pipe walls so you can be sure that when we’re finished your sanitary lines will be clean, and debris free.

Empire Pipe uses Envirosight and Aries televising equipment.

envirosightEnvirosight is a full-service manufacturer of manhole cameras, zoom survey cameras, robotic crawlers, small pipe cameras, documentation software, inspection vehicles, and in-line robotic pipe cutters specializing in underground infrastructure, pipeline, and confined space inspection.

Aries Industries, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of closed-circuit televising inspection and rehabilitation equipment for underground infrastructure and environmental applications. Since 1985, customers have been trusting Aries’ equipment to service their sewers and pipes with innovative equipment. Aries is a U.S.-based company with its corporate office in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a sales/service center in Georgia, a service facility in California, and a manufacturing, parts, and service facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

With these two manufacturers at our disposal, our equipment is the answer to a variety of challenging applications, including the inspection of sewer, water, and stormwater lines, as well as manholes, wet wells, and vessels.