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Storm Sewers

Storm-DrainStorm drain systems are designed to drain excess rain and ground water from paved streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. Storm drains vary in design from small residential dry wells to large municipal systems. They are fed by gutters on most streets and highways, as well as towns in areas which experience substantial rainfall and flooding. Most storm drainage systems are designed to drain untreated rain water back into rivers or streams.

Storm drain lines need regular cleaning. Routine cleaning reduces the amount of pollutants, trash, and debris both in the system and in the receiving rivers and streams. Clogged drains and storm drain inlets can cause the systems to overflow, leading to increased pollution and erosion. Cleaning lowers the amount of debris and sand that is available collect at the bottom of the larger diameter pipes which reduces the system’s ability to collect and disperse excess rain water to the receiving bodies. This is especially important in areas with low flow or reduced grades because they are less likely to reach a high enough rate of flow to effectively flush debris on their own.


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23 December 2013