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County/Field Drainage Tile

County/Field Drainage Tile

Sewer Camera unitA subsurface drainage system can be a critical factor in your farming program. The right seed, fertilizer, and spray won’t help if your crops are under water. This makes having a well functioning drainage tile system very important. In order to be sure your system is functioning optimally inspections at regular intervals are incredibly important. These inspections will let you know if you need to have your drainage tile system serviced to bring it back to its peak performance.

Empire Pipe does not install drainage tile systems. You may be asking why this is important, but who would you rather inspects your drainage tile system? An installer who stands to gain from installing a new system, or an independent company who’s primary goal is the actual performance of your system. We can offer you unbiased inspections so you can make informed decisions about the repair or replacement of your drainage tile system.


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21 December 2013